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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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ase and certainly happy to be back here today so i've got the good fortune fortune to work with those projects around the world that is more than just a sport and entertainment venue a collection of buildings and that collection the end result will be much bigger than some of the parts my point address also i'd like to say those parts are run and lead by designers other than might have now so i want to recognize them first is the daunt task so bear with me i'm going to be daevent and respectful if you have questions i'll welcome my folks to stand to answer quickly or dwindle pursue my office is running the design forgive me for calling it
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an event center but the rasp the retail aspects of the events are led will i richard and others colleagues the landscaping so i want to perp recognize mr. alleyway tun and from s w a they're all in the room richie and others so with that i was going to joke i drew the short straw and had to make the presentation but i'm happy and proud of the entire project and looking forward to it will welcome our questions as well one other thing i want to say i want to have a very special and sincere that's correct to ocii the project is better because of
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them their indescribable shedding they've brought before r great value to the project that is better because of them and casket republican realizing that will be leaving thank you all you are work on this perp it is a great pleasure we're going to miss you very much katherine all right. let's talk about the project i recognize the design team i'll give you a brief overview of the key eliminates elements and talk about the design ms. in part of what we went over in the major phase i'll give you a few overviews and most the presentation as you can see will be spent walking around the site and helping you to experience those buildings as a result member of the public in the community
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you'll be one belief moment we'll take you inside the city but most of the story is happening between the buildings and now it is special all right. let's talk about the project overview briefly about 18 thousand seats and the 4 hundred and 86 thousand square feet of leasable area office and lab buildings splits 20/2024 hours and lovingly stories 6 at the podium and 5 thousand please square feet of usually space and housing approximately 24 hundred employees the square feet of leasable space over 11 restaurants and retail areas and finally as i mentioned the public plaza and open space
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approximately main plaza will 56 thousand please square feet one of the greatest is the 2.2 acres devoted to open space space for the public you might replacement this i want to utilize the intentional item design party we brought to that part ems mission bay has a hard corner you will notice as we talked about before we intentionally disappointed that to create a more over and over graphic of people flow there this site is creating creates an interesting way to contract and expand the building highlights i
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went through at the major phase the key proposal i won't read them out this is the site plan the major site platoon with the key building heath's heights that was w were we were and now absolutely maintained the integrity of the submission if we did anything we realized the height on the west corner it has views across the water otherwise the building heights remained the same in the same location no surprisingly this diagram is a hard diaphragm we've remained true to the way the public and folk flow through the in and around the spaces i'll take you on a walk through
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that visually here in a moment main strangers from the north west corner and muni stop into the main plaza entrances for the office buildings and other entrances to the rasp or arena and southeast corner and other various locations throughout the site so the site is easy to access okay. i want to highlight and you'll see that as we walk through i'll highlight the magic the main arrival for the public coming from mass transit and public transportations how they travel up the ramp the main plaza space the main outdoor room of the project certainly at the heart of our design concept and the way we laid it out from
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the begin we have 16th street experience and access into the main plaza and the bike access is along the portion of the site southeast central plaza we've talked about the secondary entrance and the pedestrian pathway and the rooftop guardian of the hall creating 360 degree around the event center all right. so let's talk about the aerial individuals briefly that is in the air at the northwest corner looking at down similar to your prospective on the model as you can see the main plaza and the/13 experience and the way the two office buildings fill the space the arena in the background and the gated how public safety listen i'll take a moment to speak
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about the massing of the office building that changed a little bit from some of the previous concepts once that was taken over and they've it is special the way it relates and balances and harmonious with the soft curves of the arena you see the eloquent soft corners and the way they come down and transition into the podium the podium has green landscape rooftop terraces that help us with the ecology and makes more a more pleasant place to be i'll talk about the podium designs as well this is the aerial shot in the southeast with the background updated to reflect the current design and the shot from the bay
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looking across the bay to the park to the east sleegs of the office 24 hours in the background those are to orient you and we'll take a more detailed walk this is at the southeast corner we've reduced the hoethd to create the rooftop terrace with great views and maintained the pathway around the building the articulated retail which becomes a flintd for that the project activating the t f d street with the retail commercial spaces their activated there and we'll also create a fantastic synergy with the parks across the street i thought that would be helpful to talk about the materials so when we're walking around the site you'll understand the look and feel i have a slide for
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every part of the project so the 3 prime materials for the arena is glass, metal and g f r.c. at the base i'll explain how we're balancing those so the glass really let's light and openness into the two main entrances as the southeast corner we have the largest expansion the dallas and capture the energy from what is happening outside the building and bring it in vice versa balance of the building is articulated a rain stream is it so not the closer and we're begin to add more and more daily as we tloshg the further development so we're articulating with he knows and focusing on the support and panel sizes and particular point out the curve pattern some areas
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we want to bring reasonable person breakdown the materials with a softness that allows the light into the building and also allow light to come out so the light has a soft gentle glow even though there is not glass curtain wall and the base of the building to keep it looking good and give it a solid base we've get fiber reinforced concrete to look good for years and years to come a pattern that is consistent with some of the upticks theme for the project and also i think you'll see how those materials relate to some of the other basic materials in the other main buildings we've talked about so retail buildings you know richard harassed done a good job articulating thinking
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about how those buildings relate to the site he made a point i mention san francisco has a rich history of language of agricultural a wooden victorian break industrial and classical mission even in the mission bay they have a general building language he found i think a special way to route the materials and the lapsing of the retail areas to its place in mission bay with the shipyards and the sort of you know refined industrial material palate palate so you'll see a lot of painted steel members refined ends and balanced with the free cast concrete and wooden materials you'll see that in the
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way of glass, of course the office buildings that's loots clear glass they're an office building and covered with the red would do and metal you'll see how the materials between the parts of site and buildings are begin to speak to each other the best mover it might be an apple store we're going with an internal structure the net of feel that creates an oversized basketball net so it supports is it becomes an icon and real public safety listen to the project so we'll see how that look and feels and finally
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patterns that breakdown the larger spaces and trees shrubs and ground cover that are drought resilient so it is important it has low maintenance for a long time great. all right let's start the walk through the northwest corner from the public transportation and begin walking through the site one of the things i think he did a fantastic job of the design the podiums of the building so the podium are tin to frame the design and bring our eye into the space you'll see the vertical paneltion that creates the recidivism to break down the scale instead of this pattern and rhythm along third street
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we're actually in the northwest plaza we're on the site you see the ramps taking us you up we have the third street experience to renée did a fanatic job for this project it is like the front steps to your house you sometimes sits sits on the steps it is a place to meet people and actually you know stop and enjoy that space between the plazas and street that is an important part of the concept they've brought to life and here's another shot of that as you can see that there's a lot of places to sit and relax it is balanced in soft escape and hard escape the transitions are easy and you can see a glimpse of the gave out house
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that holds i think the roof to support that glass that seamless glass system another shot of gatehouse with the events on the podium in the background along third street and in the money street and background this is inside of the plaza we've walked inside of commissioner makras your landmarked the because of building so along a-3 and richard have been working hard to successfully sgraktd the element and the office building co-existing together that was important that we define the retail as its own element having it's own signage and presence and the way that the office building floats above that it
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magical you'll see the two languages side by side it is an interesting edge inside the plaza itself is flexibility we want this space to be an active part of the city's fabric it is an ice skating rink in the winter and pung pumpkin patch in the fall it is much more that is an outdoor room to the city again renee and others have done a great job to respond to the program of that space through flexibility this is the front door of the eastern the main glass if so the
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main intrarnls the elevators with enter the arena and other buildings. >> i would i'll give a glimpse of the main lobby we've walked through the glass wall i'm proud to say that is hard to do we've card out a grand entry space there the hard work of the dine team and smart sdiegz on osha itself we were able to make that happen that will be a fantastic place to be of the plaza through the glass wall into the building and taking you through the space again updated glimpse of what it feels like in a full house like there will be tonight. >> all right. back outside i wanted to talk about the office
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buildings on the south west corner as you can see how graceful and eloquent when i was here last time there of the a comment from the commissioners make the office buildings unique so i think fail lesson and others have done a great job in giving that a likeness that goes with the design center i want to take a moment it is important to dwight one of the decisions that the entire group along with the design team to make that design a side core as well as a center core they all have the structure integrity and lateral bracing but this is where the stairs go that you picture that we've pulled the core off to the side that
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provides for larger open space leasable space but it creates objective challenges we have a solid wall at the edge of the building they've articulated that well with the softness of the would do and instead of becoming am i take it sore it is a hallmark in the design i think a reflection of their tenants and hallmark for good design we're down on the ground just about the set west corner a glimpse of lobby on the right hand and assess into the plaza from this corner ramps not ramps sloped there's no handrails or slopes walking around 167th street your
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catching a glimpse of the at&t trim or the space between the podium and the rather than the podium of the south office twenty-four hour you can see a glimpse of where the cars inspire or into the lower parking levels i might remind i thereer 9 hundred and 50 cars on site their underground so you won't see them renee did a good job of framing it with a design element if relates to the arena and office buildings this is a shot of the bike evaluate and this is on the north side of 16th street we have enough parking for 3 hundred bikes i believe and it is easily assessable for off the bike path and the plazas so we're excited about that the other thing a along these 16th
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street we have a cigarette to get that to work was a fun design challenge southeast corner one of the postcard shops at the shop center as you can see that is in the project the artistic signature that is part of the entrance at this corner we see this corner as smaller events not necessarily but will be open for larger baseball but theatre entrance for 5 thousand feet range the building hosts a number of configurations and for those smaller configurations that is a front door it is important for us that also with memorable lots of glass and light and southeast plaza that can be activated along t f b walking into that space you know last time i had
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the buzzer last time how am i doing on time am i okay thank you very much (laughter) i remember the buzzer last time it threw me off. >> all right. so we're walking around t f b i mentioned the materials and the ventricular how it is tied to the location in motorbike and how it will boost the richness of the architecture in that ear and really create a dynamic street edge to the park and just a little bit of a color range shot street cafes and other things that are a dime pleasant experience left wing
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here that the northeast corner we let the record reflect the mass of the building a little bit and took one 13 foot floor off now it is two stories we like the massing better and will have a large glass austin rim space you can access it threw the food hall and creating those are through the buildings and sites and this could be used as a entrance through the food hall with the retail running like a strong base along t f b another shot of the food hall the bay front terrace above that is a in my shot this is along south street with the continuance now at mid block
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onset street another valet and parking entrance and seeing stairs to the pathway to around to different portion of the site i have to jump back to the southeast corner i walked you around the street level now pop backcourt cloikz to the top of the stairs down in the lower left-hand side corner a stair that takes you that to the level and the intrarnsz into the arenas may concourse now walk along the pedestrian pathway we'll slope into the main plaza around the arena and give us some prospective and idea what it looks like and feels like the larger terrace on top of the
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food hall articulated with the poolgz poolg you'll see the detailed panel above we've walked cyc this is is south edge in closing it and having a xhocht dissipating space in the plaza and turning around and looking at the base center that is my last slide yep so thank you very much thank you.
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>> thank you good afternoon madam chair rosales and commissioners commissioner mondejar and director bohe i'm additional adams with the office of economic workforce development i had the privilege of walk you through the event management and the rendering of the site we were here in january and few questions how people get in and out of that site i'll walk you through we presented to the cca what do we mean about the cooperate what transportation improvements are coming to the neighborhood even absent the project we'll move through that quickly and an event at the eastern what at&t park giants games in particular and how we plan to pay for it. >> so i believe at our january
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hearing we present this slide that is the event mix at the center so you'll see a regular season giants game about 7 by 7 thousand attendees versus 24 previous games and we hope they continue their current success and get into the playoffs all the way through the mba from small family shows 55 projected and other rentals, concerts and sporting event and the small theatre concerts you've seen from the asset corner the yellow dash line it the average attention at 9 thousand 3 thank god much of what i'll describe is the larger the budget and the full concerts
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we're pitting open transportation planning and traffic enforcement personnel next slide so we'll be talking about what happens in the red not to say there isn't large events in terms of that we're looking at the cooperation with the city departments and larger mta that managers our parking control officers and our street code and light rail vehicles and the police department and fire department and public works and other city agencies there are the mission bay ball park transportation cooperation a bit of a mouth full but a great organization for southern california problems we've got help the giants and other neighborhood business representatives when we're talking about coordination about
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pedestrian safety and traffic flows and about bike and public safety and quality of life issues so noise and graffiti and queuing and vibration and parking 50 control it is important to note that basketball is compared to baseball it is averaged between 2 off laps per year town hall or you'll see the number of seats at at&t park the giants play up to 6 days a week from september to april we hope into october and basketball is 41 games from october to early april